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Vagisil Screening Kit


Doctors check for infections by measuring the vaginal pH. Now you can do this at home with the Vagisil Screen Kit. Knowing your pH can help you know if you do have a yeast infection or maybe something more serious. [i]

Much like other parts of the body, a woman’s vagina has a pH. A healthy vagina is slightly acidic, with a pH usually in the range of 3.5 to 4.5. With this kit a normal vaginal pH measures 4.5. The acidity of the vagina helps control bacteria and prevents the infection-causing types of bacteria that like a high pH from overgrowing. When vaginal pH is above its normal range, it may indicate a bacterial infection. [ii]

There usually are symptoms with an infection. This screening kit is intended to be used by women who have itching, burning, unpleasant odor or unusually discharge. It does not identify specific causes or types of infections. If you do use this product and find out you do have a bacterial infection, do not treat it with a yeast infection medication. If you are still unsure it is important that you seek advise from your health care provider to make a proper diagnosis. [iii]

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