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Civil Rights and Social Justice
A program dedicated to the protection of Native people’s rights and social justice to help secure empowerment and diminish racism. Voter’s rights education is also a component of this program.

Dakota Language and Youth Immersion Program

A preschool for children ages 3 and up at the Resource Center. It meets three times a week and plays an important roll in teaching the children their native language of Dakota. The school also provides the children with a safe and stimulating environment to learn and play with friends outside of their home while they develop school readiness skills.



General donations will be used by the Native American Women’s Health Education Resource Center towards programs and areas with the most urgent needs.

Scholarships for Native American Women
The Resource Center provides two scholarships each semester in the amount of $150 and $300 to two qualified Native American women.

Reproductive Health and Justice
The Native American Women’s Health Education Resource Center founded the first Native Women’s Reproductive Rights Coalition. It advocates reproductive health, awareness, and protection for Native women. This program is also involved in policy work at the national and international level.

Food Pantry
The Resource Center provides a food pantry for those in the community needing emergency assistance with food, and appropriate referrals are made to receive aid from Social Services and other organizations.

Women’s Lodge and Domestic Violence Programs
The Women’s Lodge provides shelter for women and families suffering from domestic abuse and or sexual assault. In addition to shelter and food, services include: rape advocacy, support groups, legal advocacy, and referrals to other service agencies. In additional to the the Women's Lodge there is Transitional Housing for women and families transitioning from the Women's Lodge to independence.

Environmental Awareness
Native lands are being targeted as landfills for toxic and radioactive waste. The Resource Center works to educate and involve the community about these and other environmental problems so that the environment and reservation lands will be protected.



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