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Dakota Talk Radio Programs

"Dakota Talk Radio" produces several audio programs.
Here are links to past shows:

"Let's Call It What It Is" focused on domestic violence issues that women are still dealing with in today's world

"Dakota Language Lessons"  Diane Merrick shares the words and wisdom of the Dakota culture.

Ohomni Iyotaka Storytelling Time

Listen to Ohomni Iyotaka on KDKO 89.5 FM every Thursday at 10:00am and 8:00pm

Program will rebroadcast every Saturday at 11:00am and 7:00pm


Hundred in the Hand book cover.


Hundred in the Hand

by Joseph M. Marshall III

Read by Gail Hubbelin for KDKO

Part 1 Prologue The Monument of Stone 1920; Ch 1 Moon When Berries Are Good; Ch 2 Four Graves for a Dead Man
Part 2 Ch 3-4 The Snake; Buffalo Creek
Part 3 Ch 5-6 Tent Town; Two Hundred Mules
Part 4 Ch 7-8 Log Walls; A Nerve-Racking Journey
Part 5 Ch 9-10 The Trader; The Visitor
Part 6 Ch 11-12 Born Again; Grandmother
Part 7 Ch 13-14 The Black Stone; A Lost Soul
Part 8 Ch 15-16 Alive and Cold; The Singing Medicine Man
Part 9 Ch 17-18 A Good Plan; Old Bones, Old Ways
Part 10 Ch 19 Rainbow Around the Sun
Part 11 Ch 20 Something Coming
Part 12 Ch 21 Lodge Trail Ridge
Part 13 Ch 22 An Icy Calm
Part 14 Ch 23 Thumping Death on the Nose
Part 15 Ch 24 Hundred in the Hand

Part 16: Ch 25-26 Song; The Warrior; Epiloge: The Monument of the Heart









 The Long Knives are Crying

by Joseph M. Marshall III

Read by Gail Hubbelin for KDKO

Prologue June 23, 1920

Chapter 1 Message in the Winter Moon-Nov 1875

Chapter 2 The Hunters

Chapter 3 One Bullet One Chance

Chapter 4 An Unseen Uneasiness

Chapter 5 Civilized Men

Chapter 6 Two Rifles

Chapter 7 Bearded Faces

Chapter 8 Attack on Power River

Chapter 9 Fast Horse and Walks Alone

Chapter 10 Ambush

Chapter 11 Bluecoats and Fleas

Chapter 12

Chapter 13 Old Men and Bears

Chapter 14 The Heart of a Bear

Chapter 15 The Colonel

Chapter 16 The Broken Arrow

Chapter 17 The Missing

Chapter 18 Getting Down the Hill

Chapter 19 Men of Stature

Chapter 20 Dog Soldiers and Drumbeats

Chapter 21 The Mighty

Chapter 22 A Hawk and a Whirlwind

Chapter 23 Bug

Chapter 24 They Have No Ears

Chapter 25 The Absence of God

Chapter 26 Night Riders

Chapter 27 Strong Hearts

Chapter 28 The Middle of the Whirlwind

Chapter 29 The Long Ride

Chapter 30 The Screams of Horses

Chapter 31 The Broken and Uneven Ground

Chapter 32 There Has Been Death

Chapter 33 The Foolish

Chapter 34 Dreams

Chapter 35 Worms in the Grass

Chapter 36 A Thin Veil of Dust

Chapter 37 Death in the Wind

Chapter 38 The Death Lodge

Chapter 39 The Desperate Trail

Chapter 40 The Long Knives Are Crying

Chapter 41 The Moon of Hard Times

Chapter 42 The Hunter in the Sky

 Ephilogue When Old Men Outlive Thier Time




The-long-knives-are-crying book cover by Joseph Marshall III






















































The Day The World Ended at Little Bighorn

by Joseph M. Marshall III


book cover




Epilogue The Victors Road

Chapter 1 Battle of Little Big Horn

Chapter 2 To and From

Chapter 3 The Greatest Gathering Ever

Chapter 4  In the Beginning

Chapter 5 Grandmother

Chapter 6 Leading the Way

Chapter 7 Follow Me

Chapter 8 Zuya-Wicasa (The Warriors)

Chapter 9 The Long Knives

Chapter 10 Weaponry

Chapter 11 They Took the Fat

Chapter 12 The Aftermath Begins

Chapter 13 Into the Shadows

Chapter 14 At Wounded Knee

Chapter 15 Possibilities

Chapter 16 New Ways New Words

Chapter 17 The Conqueror's Mentality

Chapter 18 The Twentieth Century

Chapter 19 The Twenty First Century





High Elk's Treasure

by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve

read by Donna Marie Haukaas

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

High-Elk-Speaks High Elks Family Tree


by Ella Deloria

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
Part 15 
Part 16 
Part 17 
Part 18 
Part 19 
Part 20 
Part 21 
Part 22 
Part 23 
Part 24 
Part 25 
Part 26




Waterlily book cover

Hummingbird's Squash

Written by Terry Lofton

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14

Part 15

Part 16

Part 17

Part 18

Part 19
Part 20
Part 21
Part 22


Hummingbird Squash by Terry Lofton



by Evelyn Two Hawk
Illustrated by B. Lou Hoyier

Winona Series





Cover of Winona




by Evelyn Two Hawk
Illustrated by B. Lou Hoyier





view teachers manual in .pdf format


Cover of Hoksila









"Let's Call It What It Is"

Listen to Dakota Talk Radio every Tuesday at 11:00 to hear our domestic violence and sexual assault prevention programming. Interviews, call-ins, public service announcements and updates on this very important issue.

Listen to the "Call It What It Is" on Dakota Talk Radio every Tuesdays at 11:00 a.m.
Listen to the "Call It What It Is" on DTR rebroadcast every Thursdays at 2:00 p.m.

#1-July 26, 2007 with Lyn Archambeau
#2-August 2, 2007 with Richard Milda and Lyn Archambeau
#3- August 15, 2007 with Charon Asetoyer
#4- August 17, 2007 with Richard Milda
#5- August 23, 2007 with Nancy Kapp and Brother Marty
#6- September 11, 2007 with The Silent Witnesses
#7- September 20, 2007 with Lyn Archambeau
#8- September 20, 2007 with Richard Milda
#9- October 9, 2007 with Richard Milda
#10- October 16, 2007 with Jenn Wyse
#11- October 25, 2007 with Lyn Archambeau and Jenn Wyse
#12- November 1, 2007 with Pearl Gulberndson
#13- November 6, 2007 with Lyn Archambeau
#14 November 7, 2007 with Richard Milda
#15- November 16, 2007 with Donna Haukaas
#16- November 27, 2007 with Lyn Archambeau
#17- December 4, 2007 with Georgia Holiday

Season 2: Let's Call It What It Is

Charon Asetoyer and Lyn Archambeau Discuss Prevention of Teen Dating Violence.
A companion radio program to the Teen Dating Violence Prevention Curriculum

#1 Intro to the Teen Dating Violence Curriculum
#2 February 24, 2008 Feelings Vocabulary
#3 March 3, 2008 Creating Life, Planning Future
#4 March 10, 2008 Healthy Relationships
#5 March 17, 2008 Understanding Boundaries
#6 March 24, 2008 Assertiveness and Communication Skills
#7 March 31, 2008 A Native American Young Woman's Guide to Safe Dating
#8 April 7, 2008 Guide to Safe Dating (continued), Chapter 7
#9 April 14, 2008 Warning Signs of Unsafe Dating Situations

Dakota Language Lessons with Diane Merrick

Listen to the Dakota Language Lessons on Dakota Talk Radio every Friday at 10:00 am
Listen to the Dakota Language Lessons on DTR rebroadcast every Saturday at 2:00 pm

Lesson #1 The Basics of Dakota Language
Lesson #2 Ceremony Terminology
Lesson #3 Kitchen List, Weather, Time and Emotions
Lesson #4 Emotions and Everyday Conversations
Lesson #5 Thanksgiving Terms
Lesson #6 Womanhood
Lesson #7 Origins and Terms, Wa- Wi- Wo Phrases
Lesson #8 Continuation of Wi- Wo Phrases
Lesson #9 Educational Terms
Lesson #10 Holiday Terms and Family
Lesson #11 Social Speaking
Lesson #12 Land Terms and Flag Songs
Lesson #13 Star Knowledge
Lesson #14 Language Relationships
Lesson #15 Desires, Wants and Needs
Lesson #16 Daily Responsibilities, Types of Business Establishments
Lesson #17 Birth Order, Grandparents Role in Past/Present Lifeway
Lesson #18 How We Use “Okiye” to Help in Our Language
Lesson #19 Kinship Conversations, Values We Learn and What We Pass On
Lesson #20 Conversations in Relationship to Transportation, Recreation, Leisure
Lesson #21 Time, Instruction Terms, Questions and Response of Subject
Lesson #22 Potential/Future Statements, Departure/Arrival Phrases
Lesson #23 Verb Conjugations Using “Pazo” (to point, show)
Lesson #24 Singular/Plural Use of Use, Want, To Ask, To Take
Lesson #25 Meditation in Dakota with Translation
Lesson #26 Honoring our Elders, Identity, Family Introductions
Lesson #27 Ancestral Teachings, “Tohantu” Phrases
Lesson #28 Dakota/Nakota Wicohan Teachings and Terms
Lesson #29 Everyday Conversation Phrases
Lesson #30 Conversational Phrases Continued
Lesson #31 Cultural Meanings from a Traditional Viewpoint
Lesson #32 Occupations/Profession Conversations from Cultural to Mainstream
Lesson #33 Current Event Terms Which Affect Our Environment
Lesson #34 Environmental Effects, Technology Terms
Lesson #35 Economic Terms/Effects
Lesson #36 Conversational Phrases Utilizing a Question and Answer Format
Lesson #37 Birth Order, Male/Female Terms, Tiwahe
Lesson #38 Calendar/Wiyanwapi, Jan.-Dec. Moons
Lesson #39 Terms--Phrases Associated with Self and Comunication with Others
Lesson #40 Generations
Lesson #41 Mother Earth
Lesson #42 Pezuta
Lesson #43 Wisdom and Teachings
Lesson #44 Teacher and Student Phrases
Lesson #45 Gardening and Weather
Lesson #46 Courting/ Relationships
Lesson #47 Purpose Terms
Lesson #48 Movement

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