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Educational Materials

Teen Dating Violence Prevention Curriculum
Indigenous Women's Health Book, Within the Sacred Circle
Poster on Medical Rights for Victims of Sexual Assault
Indigenous Women's Reproductive Watch

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Teen Dating Violence Prevention Curriculum

Listen to our radio webcast program on this subject

Too many young Indigenous women are survivors of dating violence or will experience dating violence at some point in their lives. As teenagers, dating violence can profoundly affect young survivors' future relationships, self-esteem, and feelings of self-worth.




Yet friends, families, tribes, schools, and society overall often ignore dating violence and the broader issues of lifelong trauma associated with it. Young women are not taught about dating violence and date rape until it is too late. The problem is nearly always addressed only after it occurs, instead of preventing it before it happens.

The Native American Women's Health Education Resource Center recognizes this problem and has developed the Teen Dating Violence Curriculum and Workbook for Native American Girls to address this issue.


The workbook contains information and exercises that deal with
- self-esteem
- setting and enforcing boundaries
- warning signs
- escaping a violent situation safely
- communicating clearly
- gender stereotypes
- understanding the results of trauma
- places to find more information
- recognizing healthy relationships
- legal rights
- self-care
- healing from dating violence


Facilitator's Guide


The accompanying facilitator's guide provides discussion topics and approaches to help facilitate insightful and useful discussions. The workbook and facilitator's guide are ideal for the classroom or community groups.

We hope you will join us in our effort to assist the young women in our communities in finding the self-confidence to avoid abusive relationships and the knowledge to recognize healthy relationships.


More information on the Teen Dating Violence Curriculum
Listen to our radio webcast program on this subject


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Indigenous Women's Health Book

Indigenous Women's
Health Book,
Within the Sacred Circle:
Reproductive Rights,
Environmental Health,
Traditional Herbs
and Remedies.

Edited by Charon Asetoyer, Katherine Cronk,
and Samanthi Kewakapuge.
Pine Hill Press, 2003. 322 pages.



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Shipping Information
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Address ___________________________________ Native American Community Board
City, State Zip ______________________________ P.O. Box 572
Phone_____________________________________ Lake Andes, South Dakota 57356
Email Address______________________________ P: (605) 487-7072 F: (605) 487-7964


The Resource Center sends out a bi-weekly newsletter called the Indigenous Women's Reproductive Watch (IWRW). Each issue features an article on a health topic relevant to Native communities and women's reproductive health.

Examples of topics covered by the IWRW:

  • Caffeine and osteoporosis
  • Endocrine disruptors
  • HPV and ovarian cancer
  • Gardisil
  • Tips for a healthier lifestyle

To subscribe, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and put "subscribe" in the subject line.

Also, see our IWRW News page and subscribe via RSS.

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